BONNIE by Brighton is a creative outlet, dedicated to celebrating a diverse and unique approach to fashion + lifestyle. A place where you can be inspired, connect, collaborate & spark conversation through style, expression, and all the things that make your style YOURS. A place where the fashion forward college girl figuring out who she is, who she wants to be, and where she is going can find a space that allows her to dive into style + creativity.

BONNIE is relatable + individualistic + playful + creative




As an undergraduate Apparel Merchandising and Product Development student at the University of Arkansas, I felt drawn to create a space where I could bring to life my take on fashion, lifestyle, beauty and healthy living — but make it relatable. An outlet for me to share trends, tips & tricks that have been thoughtfully crafted.

After spending a summer abroad studying Fashion Merchandising and Communications in Paris, I was completely in AWE of the Parisians take on effortless, casual, street style fashion. During my studies, I also got the opportunity to work back stage during Haute Couture PFW and was once again floored by the creativity and art that goes into couture fashion; a complete 180 from Europeans seamless style. Fashion can be anything you wish to make it, and that’s the beauty of it.

BONNIE is that space between it all: the casuals, the extremes, the fun, and the everyday.