Products I Want to Try Thanks to TikTok

📷 : @haileybieber

You’ll thank me later

Idk about you guys but I seriously spend an unhealthy amount of time on TikTok. It’s sooo addicting. I’m also super intrigued by how TikTok’s algorithm works and how they curate your For You Page.

But anyways… They know what they’re doing and I am constantly seeing different products I want to try thanks to the app (:

Click to shop all of the products I’ve found on TikTok below! Some of these products I’ve tried before & the others I am adding to my shopping cart ASAP

Ok so if you’re ever feeling pale and want to add some life to your face, this product is the best!! It gives your face a nice pop of color and looks so natural. I usually put it all over my face and neck before starting my makeup!

Ok so not going to lie this peel solution burns like a b*tch but it works MIRACLES if you’re prone to break outs. It also really helps with your overall skin tone if you’re someone who has rosacea or discoloration.

Another one that burnnnnns but really works! I have insanely sensitive skin so for about 2 minutes after application it’s prettier itchy but after that your lips are noticeably more plump

If you have found any more hidden gems on TikTok pleasssse share in the comments!

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