FASHION PODCASTS I’m Currently Listening To

I’ve always been a podcast girl…

To be honest, I listen to podcasts more than I do music.. oops. I love learning and listening. I have put together some fashion podcasts that I have been recently listening to below

Fashion No Filter: I am obsessed with Monica and Camille. I Instagram stalk them atlas once a day… they’re. so. cool. Their conversations are always circulating around fashion but you never know what rabbit hole they’ll go down next

The BOF Podcast: If you are looking to educate yourself on the ‘happenings’ of fashion then this is the go-to podcast. It’s informative and eye opening, the BOF has helped me to learn so much as a young creative in the industry.

Fash-on Fash-off: This podcast is such an easy listen! They bring on great guests and I think that it is particularly good for the younger generation to get a taste of what being in the industry is like.

Dressed: The History of Fashion: If you are looking to brush up on your fashion history then this is the perfect podcast for you. I think it’s so cool to learn about how fashion has evolved throughout the decades.

Fashion Unzipped: This is the podcast I most recently started listening to. I feel like I am at the telegraph in London sitting in on the convo when I am listening to this podcast! It is so conversational and relatable.

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