How I Found my Fashion Marketing and Social Media Management Internships

Let’s be honest, jobs are extremely scarce right now and many of our internships this past summer were cancelled thanks to COVID-19. 

Earlier in the summer I randomly saw a job posting on an influencer’s Instagram story about an editorial assistant + social media manager position. I submitted the application and patiently waited. I was then selected to complete a second project for the application, and then once narrowed down to three applicants, I completed a third assignment for review.

After a total of 2 weeks of completing these assignments, I wasn’t selected. The company ended up going with applicants who were out of college and already had similar work experience under their belt. I was sad because I was so ready to dip my toes into social media management but ultimately, I came to terms that the other applicants were just more experienced.

As an apparel undergrad student, I’m required to complete an internship in order to graduate. So, as quarantine continued on, I frantically began the internship hunt once again.

I started my search on LinkedIn and Glassdoor trying to find fashion related internships but with the pandemic, many companies were not taking interns. I’ve always been drawn to fashion, but I wanted to combine my interest in marketing.

With my luck running thin, I decided to just type “Fashion Marketing Internship” into my google browser. It eventually led me down a rabbit hole and onto a job finder site called AngelList. I found a listing for a remote, unpaid Fashion Marketing Internship. I immediately submitted my resume and cover letter, and once again patiently waited.

Not even a week later I received an email from the CEO asking if we could schedule a zoom interview. It went better than I could have imagined, and I began interning with the talent agency, Casting Coin, based in NYC in August of 2020.

Let’s back track… I had reached back out to the first company I had applied for before finding the Casting Coin listing. I simply emailed the founder and asked if she had any openings in light of the companies’ growth. To my surprise, the founder responded and offered me a position as a social media manager at Becker Editorial.

The moral of the story is that sometimes you have to DIG to find internships in the fashion or marketing realm (especially since the two fields are so competitive). I recommend doing your research and connecting with companies you would like to work for in the future on LinkedIn and begin networking now!

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