Hello from the Babe Cave

Crazy to think that college is finally here … I feel like yesterday I was just starting freshmen year of highschool and now I’m all moved into a new little home in Fayetteville!

Thankfully, my mom (@emporiumhome) is a designer so having her help make my dorm room home-ie/decorated/girly/cozy/everything I could have ever dreamed offfff was the biggest blessing !!

my froomie is the cutesttttt @whatthestell

I couldn’t ask for a better gal pal to do college with

We’re living in an all girls dorm & we’re PUMPED to say the least !!!! I’ve already met some of the coolest girls ever here already


Our little dorm had to have Babe Cave sign — which was so easy to make!!!

I got all of my supplies from Hobby Lobby, super cheap & cute !

all ya need is:

iron on letters & stars, fabric scissors, bleach (with dripping dispenser), bandannas, pennant, yarn, & a hot glue gun


we started by drizzling bleach over the bandannas then washed them


next we cut the pennant & bandannas into triangles (the pennant helps to keep the bandannas straight & not flimsy) & we hot glued the bandanna to the pennant


then we ironed on all the letters on, attached them to yarn with hot glue, made tassels with the yarn for the ends and …. BAM !! done !!!!


veryyyy happy with how it turned out!


Stella found this print at Goodwill … no joke & @courtney_halligan turned it into the coolest piece ever !!!

also.. so obsessed with my desk decor


My marque is from Riffraff — they have the best accessories and I love being able to change out the messages !!

All my art was made by my mom; she’s the best painter.

My glass card holder is from Home Goods, it’s my fav! And of course, my lamp is Emporium Home (my mom’s brand)


got this little neon ‘Slay’ light on Urban Outfitters


I really really reaaaaalllllly love sloths. If u don’t know me very well.. now you know !!!

We picked up some succulents from Electric Ghost in Little Rock before we made the trip to Fay


happy heart because I have all my fav people with me


and some more !!!!


more awesome custom art my mom made for Stell’s side !!! And the palm tree print rocksss


so my totally adorable ottoman ….  IS FROM HOBBY LOBBY !!

It was originally just plain black & my (also) super crafty mom added the fringe!! so. cute.


My mom also had velvet gray headboards & footboards made for us — she is no joke the best dorm designer ever !!!! so so so grateful for all the time & effort she put into our new home away from home!

Still can’t believe I’m old enough to be in college… leaving my fam & friends back home was hard but I’m so thankful for a fun, sweet roomie to share freshmen year with and the coziest, cutest nook to call home.



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