West Texas

Marfa, TX — The coolest place I’ve ever been. West Texas’ hole-in-the-wall town filled with sooo much art, and not to mention it only has a population of 1,981 people. It’s every retired artists dream and you can see why. I went to Marfa for a destination shoot with the Whitney Bower, and fell in love with the desert (and cool weather).


We stayed at El Cosmico in the coolest vintage airstream. If you ever get the chance to visit Marfa, you have to stay here. They have everything from renovated vintage trailers, safari and scout tents, Sioux-style tepees, a Mongolian yurt, and a tent campsite.




dress | Stone Cold Fox


 ^^^^ Little Pinky


breakfast at Squeeze Marfa

Majority of the restaurants and shops here are locally owned so hours tend to vary. Most places are closed Mondays and Tuesdays so be sure to plan accordingly when traveling so you don’t miss out


shooting at Marfa Ballroom

It’s a non-profit organization and a dynamic, contemporary cultural arts space where you can explore the visual arts, film, music, and performance. The gallery is housed in a converted dancehall that dates to 1927.



 Food Shark Truck was a must


We drove out to Prada Marfa for some shots

It is one of the most iconic art installations in the south and its legit in the middle of nowhere


Our last night in Marfa ended with one of the most beautiful sunsets and was the perfect 3 day getaway



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